$83,000 raised for Dollyʼs Dream

$83,000 raised for Dollyʼs Dream

Dolly Everettʼs name will forever be synonymous with tragedy, the tragedy of a young 14-year-old taking her own life.

However, she will never know how great the ripple effects of her parentsʼ strength of character are, in raising awareness of bullying, depression, anxiety and youth suicide in the aftermath of such tragedy.

The story of the little Northern Territory girl who was the face of Akubra when she was eight, to her tragic passing in January this year after bullying and cyberbullying, affected many people.

For Carlee Knight, of Bairnsdale Horse Centre, the story struck a chord and she and her team have since gone to incredible lengths – and raised an equally incredible amount of money – for Dollyʼs Dream.

“After hearing what had happened to Dolly it really got to me so I really wanted to do something,” Ms Knight said.

“From February this year untill the end of November we have now donated $83,000 from the sales of Dollyʼs Dream embroidered shirts.”

Ms Knight contacted Dollyʼs Dream and began embroidering workshirts with their logo and the hashtags on the back #doitfordolly and #speakevenifyourvoiceshakes.

“We had a goal of 200 shirts for the month of February. We met that within weeks of launching, so with that Dollyʼs Dream allowed me to continue and seven months later we have sold over 4000 shirts and also added to the Dollyʼs Dream range, polo shirts, sourced from local business, Nickʼs Bairnsdale, caps and a range of horse gear that we make on site at Bairnsdale Horse Centre,” she said.

The proceeds from each sale go to Dollyʼs Dream and merchandise has been sold all over Australia and internationally.

“Itʼs been a big journey for us as we never expected to achieve what we have in such a short amount of time,” Ms Knight said.

“Weʼve learnt so much along the way and put in a lot of hard work. Iʼm lucky to have a great team behind me who has helped keep this going.

“Weʼve had to purchase more embroidery machines to keep up with the orders of the shirts and when we attended Equitana this year with Dollyʼs Dream, we had a massive response and great support from people.”

The Bairnsdale Horse Centre will host ʻA Day For Dollyʼ this Friday, December 14, with all merchandise available to purchase, as well as information flyers regarding what people can do if their child is being bullied.