Labor commits to secondary college masterplan

Labor commits to secondary college masterplan

The Labor Government has made a commitment to fund an upgrade of the Bairnsdale Secondary College if re-elected this weekend.

Labor has committed $1.4 million to a masterplan of the school, which will look at a major redevelopment and urgent early works.

Labor Candidate for Gippsland East, Mark Reeves, said the “investment goes to show only Labor can be trusted to deliver the facilities that local students need to grow and learn”.

“Our students at Bairnsdale Secondary College and the community deserve the best education possible,” he said.

“These announcements are planning to address urgent works required now and also to plan for the future upgrade of the school.

“It will be our commitment to deliver those upgrades in the term of a re-elected Andrews Labor Government.

Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing, said: “We are absolutely determined to fund immediate works and plan for future upgrades at Bairnsdale Secondary College, so that students, staff and teachers have facilities that better reflect their commitment and work”.

“This initial funding will provide for urgent works and also enable us to properly plan the upgrades that are needed for the school now and into the future,” she said.

“Every child should have a great local school and the chance to succeed in life, and only a re-elected Labor Government will deliver that for kids in Bairnsdale.”

The Coalition has previously committed $15 million to fund the development of Stage 2 of Bairnsdale Secondary College.

Principal, Ian Hall, says the college has “encouraged both sides of politics to commit to the Stage 2 redevelopment.”

“The Coalition has done this by a $15 million pledge and our understanding is the Labor Party has committed to a masterplan as a first step toward a more substantial commitment,” Mr Hall said.

Nationals Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the amount of funding was a “joke”.

“The fact Labor is providing more maintenance money for areas that have been repaired several times already is a complete joke,” he said.

“The government has a report saying the facility needs to be replaced, not repaired yet again. Labor just keeps throwing good money after bad and it falls $13.6 million short of what is required and what I announced on behalf of the Liberal Nationals.

“The buildings need to be replaced with modern facilities and for the school to be situated on one campus, which clearly only the Liberal Nationals in government will do.

“It’s a disgrace that after four years of ignoring the school’s repeated requests for new facilities and failure to even visit the college, that Labor can only come up with nothing more than maintenance money for the greatest need in our community.

“Labor candidate Mark Reeves is a school principal himself and if this is the result of his first test, it’s a dismal failure.”