United Kerri stands

United Kerri stands

Kerri Brewer is standing as the United Australia Party candidate for the Federal seat of Gippsland in this Saturdayʼs Federal election.

The daughter of legendary Collingwood footballer, Ian Brewer, Ms Brewer has lived in Sale for 37 years.

Ian Brewer was a key forward from Sale, who played with the Magpies from 1956 to 1961.

He played in the 1958 grand final for Collingwood, which they won, and his goalkicking tally for that year earned him the Coleman Medal.

Ms Brewer, who has three adult children and four grandchildren, is also an active sportswoman, having played squash, netball, basketball, hockey, volleyball and tennis.

A former nurse, Ms Brewer now works in aged care at the Royal Freemasons in Sale. She says the cutting down of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister was the catalyst for her decision to stand for federal politics.

“I just thought thatʼs enough, theyʼve (politicians) got to stop acting like kids and have a bit of a moral compass,” Ms Brewer said.

“Everyone has had enough of both parties.

“Weʼve been bombarded with only Labor or the Liberals can win, but no; we could actually boot them all out.

“Our party has a candidate in every seat, itʼs important to keep the Libs and Labor on their toes.

“People are looking for something else now, theyʼre absolutely fed up with them all at the moment.”

Ms Brewer says her parents raised her to be honest and to always tell the truth.

“My kids say the truth is my default,” she said.

Ms Brewer flew to the Sunshine Coast to meet United Australia Party founder, Clive Palmer, after she was selected to run for the seat of Gippsland.

With the dozens of other United Australia Party candidates, she received a crash course in party politics over two days.

Ms Brewer came away impressed with Mr Palmer. “He spoke a couple of times and heʼs a good and kind man,” she said.

“Heʼs incredibly passionate about improving Australia, he wants his children to grow up in a country where they can afford a house and electricity.”

If elected, Ms Brewer says the United Australia Party would make home loans tax deductible.

Those living more than 200 kilometres from the city would pay 20 per cent less tax.

Ms Brewer says the party is focused on creating more wealth in regional areas in order to boost business, deliver more jobs and generate construction.

She says Mr Palmer has also vowed to increase the pension by $150 a week.

“He believes that people who have built this country should be getting a lot more.”

Ms Brewer admits her political debut has been a baptism of fire and with 69 polling booths in Gippsland on election day she concedes she has no hope of being represented at them all.

“Iʼve only got seven volunteers who are helping me on Saturday handing out how to vote cards, I can only do so much,” she said.

Ms Brewer says sheʼs looking forward to Sunday when it will be all over.

“Iʼve heard from a few of the younger ones that they will be doing donkey votes,” she said.

She believes people should take voting seriously if they want to make a difference.

“Itʼs not that hard to vote, thereʼs been plenty of time to do it with pre-polling and it only takes a few minutes,” Ms Brewer said.

Having been raised by her parents to believe she could do anything she wanted, Ms Brewer thinks they would have been pleased to see her contesting the Federal Election.

“They were Liberal voters but I reckon they would have voted for me,” she said.

PICTURED: United Australia Party candidate for the Federal seat of Gippsland, Kerri Brewer, hands out her literature this week at the Bairnsdale pre-polling centre. Sheʼs pictured with Dale Wells, of Bairnsdale.