Storm takes power away

Storm takes power away

An electrical storm on Sunday that swept through much of East Gippsland during the afternoon and into the evening resulted in the loss of power to many residences.

While the rain was a welcome relief from the sweltering heat, the electrical storm that followed proved to be inconvenient for many customers.

Worst affected were those who reside near Hillside, just west of Bairnsdale.

More than 80 customers were left without power from 2.20pm until a couple of minutes before 6.30pm, with one customer not being restored until 10pm.

A further six residences lost power at about 8.30pm and remained in the dark until after 10pm.

AusNet Services blamed the electrical storm for causing damage to its equipment. A spokesperson for AustNet said there was also a high volume of “trips” across East Gippsland as the electrical storm swept through the area.

Trips are when the power temporarily goes out but is usually restored within minutes as AusNet has the capacity to reboot the system from its control room.

In many incidences, residents who weren’t using electricity at that time would be unaware of the power being knocked out.

Orbost police station said it lost power and the generator kicked in.